Basic Class
Our basic classes are delivered in order to teach the basic movements and principals of Aikido. In these classes we practice the basic techniques of Aikido with an emphasis on form. From your first Aikido class you will begin to learn the art of Ukemi (falling, rolling and receiving techniques safely), the basic 'attacks' and movements of Aikido, and principals such as connection, extension and awareness. From the very first practice, students work together to learn the art of Aikido.
     Several more advanced students join this class regularly and all students are encouraged to continually participate in this class, regardless of rank, so that we can foster a community of support and learning.
     Classes are co-ed and your first class is free!

Once you become comfortable with the basic ukemi and movements of Aikido, Sensei will invite you to our general classes. In these classes we continue to explore using our basic movements and ukemi as the foundation of our continued practice. In general classes we begin to look at more advanced techniques and apply the principals of Aikido in increasingly more sophisticated ways.
     We continue to work with partners and begin to explore how to respond to a variety of attacks or situations, including many kinds of strikes, multiple attackers and 'free' techniques. The forms of Aikido techniques become more clear as you continue your practice in the general class.


     The art of Aikido has been built upon the same principals as weapons work, and many of the techniques used in Aikido can be employed to disarm opponents. To deepen your understanding of the principals of Aikido, we invite you to join us for our weapons classes.
     In Aikido practitioners traditionally use 2 weapons, the bokken and the jo. The bokken is a wooden representation of the sword, and the jo is a wooden staff. Aikido is also explored with a tanto, which is a wooden representation of a knife. 


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